One Year, Mañana

One year ago, mañana, my little family and I got on a plane to travel to an island rocked by earthquakes and recovering from a hurricane. We went in the spirit of adventure, ready to be challenged, grow and learn. Of course, the Universe outdid us in its spirit of "adventure", but looking back on... Continue Reading →

The Daily Sunset

I'm hoping to do a repeating post about the stunning sunsets here. Always different, always humbling and beautiful . . . Tonight, we were at home and the kids were pestering and arguing with each other and the whining was hitting a crescendo. It had been a long day at school with lots of new... Continue Reading →

Day 1 on the Island of Enchantment

There is no other way to share the magic of this island (so far), than by showing. So here goes! I know this is not a Puerto Rico shot, but it feels pretty magical. Our last glimpse of Austin, out of my son's airplane window. The crescent moon, a few start/planets/sattelites, and the sun going... Continue Reading →

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