Recalling El Castillo del Moro

This post has been sitting as a draft for almost a year, but the family and l were reminiscing about Puerto Rico and all our adventures there this morning, and I was called to finish it. What a time to recall and post about this incredible castle and fortress in the beautiful and historic Old... Continue Reading →

One Year, Mañana

One year ago, mañana, my little family and I got on a plane to travel to an island rocked by earthquakes and recovering from a hurricane. We went in the spirit of adventure, ready to be challenged, grow and learn. Of course, the Universe outdid us in its spirit of "adventure", but looking back on... Continue Reading →

Back to Puerto Rico

When we came back to Texas, the first question from all our friends and family was, "Are you going to go back to Puerto Rico once all this is over?" Walking it back for a second - we had originally thought, in a perfect world of course, that if we loved Rincon (and we did),... Continue Reading →

The Daily Sunset

In Solitude Yesterday, I went to Maria's Beach ALL BY MYSELf to watch the sun go down on another day in Rincón. My wise husband "sends" me down alone sometimes, when I'm due for some solitude, or the kids seem too exhausted to do another thing, or we are too tired to deal with bringing... Continue Reading →

Six Weeks Later on the Island of Enchantment

Have you ever thought about why being on vacation feels so relaxing? Is it partly because you know no one is expecting anything of you, the phone is not going to ring with demands, and your social calendar is clear? Being here, I have no friends to hang out with, no classrooms to bring food for, no playdates to take the kids to, no neighborhood meetings that I'm committed to, no birthday parties to buy crap for + rush to, and no extended family to visit . . .

Your Rincón Dream Home Fantasy

Whether you, too, are fantasizing about living on this temperate, lush, tropical island, or you just like to day-dream about what it might look like to live somewhere else (one of my favorite time-wasters) - this post is for you!

The Daily Sunset

I'm hoping to do a repeating post about the stunning sunsets here. Always different, always humbling and beautiful . . . Tonight, we were at home and the kids were pestering and arguing with each other and the whining was hitting a crescendo. It had been a long day at school with lots of new... Continue Reading →

Old San Juan

This historic little town inside an overflowing, modern, metropolis felt like another world. Literally, another universe in another time, and I loved it.

Castles Made of Sand

Sunsets and Sandcastles The kids have had the opportunity to make some perfectly creative sandcastles here, and we have enjoyed every single one in the last two weeks. It's incredible to live somewhere where this is your playground, and there is no better backdrop for a temporary masterpiece than the Caribbean ocean and a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Quirky Puerto Rico

Through the Eyes of a Texan This place is so fun, and funny, and different (to me). As I type, right now, this is going on: There are a bunch of happy-looking chickens doing a chicken noise thing in the house 2 down. They have a super cute coop, complete with a child-size playhouse to... Continue Reading →

Gozalandia Waterfall

A Slice of Magic Outside San Sebastian We took the hour-ish drive over to San Sebastian to the Gozalandia Waterfalls today, and it was well worth it. When we got to the lower waterfall, it was 11 am on a Saturday, and there was no one there. Ten minutes later, there were at least 10... Continue Reading →

Day 1 on the Island of Enchantment

There is no other way to share the magic of this island (so far), than by showing. So here goes! I know this is not a Puerto Rico shot, but it feels pretty magical. Our last glimpse of Austin, out of my son's airplane window. The crescent moon, a few start/planets/sattelites, and the sun going... Continue Reading →


Yes, we're still going! Yes, we leave tomorrow! For real. We got renters. No, really. All we have left is a couple of signatures, and we're good to go. Not counting my chickens here, am I? There was a 5.0 earthquake in southern Puerto Rico (same area they have been in for months) about an... Continue Reading →

3 Days Till Puerto Rico

Er, Take Two Updates: More people coming to see the house today (allegedly). We have gone through a couple more potential renters since I last posted. Y'all, this house renting thing is a pain in the ass. It takes a LOT of work to get a house ready to show when you've got a 4... Continue Reading →

The Road to Happiness

Our first Airbnb when we get to Rincon is a little casa on the hill, on Cam Carretas 413. The locals call Carr. 413 “The Road to Happiness". Here are some pictures of the vista we’ll have: Aaaah. The most special thing about this house is that if we like it, the owner has offered... Continue Reading →

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