One Year, Mañana

One year ago, mañana, my little family and I got on a plane to travel to an island rocked by earthquakes and recovering from a hurricane. We went in the spirit of adventure, ready to be challenged, grow and learn. Of course, the Universe outdid us in its spirit of "adventure", but looking back on... Continue Reading →


Yes, we're still going! Yes, we leave tomorrow! For real. We got renters. No, really. It's (drumroll . . .): Couple C! They showed up early for their 5:30 appointment 2 days ago and wanted it and put the deposit down this morning. All we have left is a couple of signatures, and we're good... Continue Reading →

3 Days Till Puerto Rico

Er, Take Two Updates: More people coming to see the house today (allegedly). We have gone through a couple more potential renters since I last posted. Couple A: Over the moon about the house. Wanted it TODAY. Wanted to pay 3 months up front just to hold it. Got the application from our realtor -... Continue Reading →

New D Date

Take 2: We bought our tickets to Rincón! Flying out January 26th now. This time, I paid extra for the flex fare (so that we can change the flight without penalty fees), just in case. Live and learn. We still don't have renters. Jim finally messaged our realtor saying that they wanted a bigger place,... Continue Reading →

Last Day in Texas

This is supposed to be our last day in Texas for six months. We were scheduled to fly out of AUS tonight at 5:55 pm, headed for Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. But that is not to be. Yesterday, after yet another large 5.9/6.0 earthquake, we canceled our flight. It is very strange to spend months readying... Continue Reading →

5 Days To Go For Puerto Rico

Earthquakes, Blackouts, and Renters There have been over 30 earthquakes in Puerto Rico in the past 24 hours. The largest was this morning, a 6.4, which damaged buildings, homes, roads, historical sites, induced a tsunami alarm which sent people scurrying into the hills and blocking the roads, and killed one man (that we know of... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks, 2 Days

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”—  Leo F. Buscaglia. There is nothing wrong with me aside from worry. Nothing to keep me from enjoying our last 16 days in Texas, aside from the fears traipsing around my head. What fears, you ask? Our house is not rented... Continue Reading →

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