Six Months Sober

My life is better sober. Better does not mean easier. It is raw, it's messy, it's lovely and beautiful and really hard. Life is hard. Hard does not mean bad. One more time: hard does not = bad. There is nothing bad about it, unless the alternative is easing your way out of reality at the bottom of a bottle, in which case the bottle seems far nicer, until you wake up tomorrow.

What’s to Love About Quarantine

Funny how society acts like we should be social and friendly and chatty. I'd guess that almost half of us do not come to the gift of the gab naturally, and have to use "supplements" to get there, but we do it to please society. We are afraid to come across as cold or unfriendly. We don't want to be seen as standoffish at the party. We don't want people to think we're rude. Well, that's all bullshit and I'm over pretending to be a good bullshitter just to please people. I'm an introvert who is made uncomfortable by crowds and big social groups, and does not enjoy chit-chat. The show is over, y'all.

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