One Year, Mañana

One year ago, mañana, my little family and I got on a plane to travel to an island rocked by earthquakes and recovering from a hurricane. We went in the spirit of adventure, ready to be challenged, grow and learn. Of course, the Universe outdid us in its spirit of “adventure”, but looking back on the last 365 days, I am so grateful that we started in such a wild place of determined optimism, ready to pivot and adapt – because the Great Spirit(s) certainly slathered on some madness and chaos. I’m not sure how we would have fared had we not been ready for a bit of a rocky ride . . .

One year ago today, I wrote this post, which captured our ‘Rincón or Bust’ feeling perfectly. We made seven weeks on the Island of Enchantment, and we made the most of them! We miss the ocean, the empanadillas, the sunsets over the Caribbean, the castles in the sand, the waves, the art, the color, the creativity, and the warm island life. What a ride!

xo Rincón! Until next time.

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