Going Home

We’ve been back in Texas for over two months. It’s been everything we needed it to be, coming from a place of such uncertainty in Puerto Rico. The hill country in particular is so soothing to my soul, and driving around here can cure my husband of anything. The wildflowers and the cactus are in bloom, the lakes are full, and the sun is shining brighter and stronger every day. All of it makes me so happy to be here, and so long to be HOME.

Not long now.

Our renters did not pay the rent for the month of May. They said they didn’t have the money due to the coronavirus, I get it. But then they posted all over their social media pictures and stories of them traveling; staying at a posh Airbnb right on the beach, fancy dinners, Starbucks stops, mushroom microdosing, and then another trip to the mountains, all in the first three weeks of May. They are “social influencers” as I have mentioned before, so they have public social media profiles, and a seemingly complicated and expensive image to uphold. I’m obviously a judgmental ass about it, and of course I stalk them – hoping to get a glimpse of my house – and lately have learned more than I care to. I saw that they planned to use our house to host retreats for their “influencer” business, which was explicitly prohibited in the lease. That’s when I decided they are jerks, and also not the smartest tools in the shed. They were were bemoaning the loss of all that retreat income, while publicly writing to their followers about how Covid has disrupted their business plans.

Anyhow, they will be moving on soon, and I’ll get to go HOME. I can’t wait to get in there, clean it up, air it out, and let any bad vibes and these people’s months of rainy weather/cold grumpies float away. How long does it take to get rid of the energy of the previous people in the house you are in? Is it shorter if it’s your own home you are coming back to? Does it take longer if you just never liked the people who lived there, because you’re a judgmental asshole, and have a negative association of their vibe in your space?

Best case scenario is we can clear it out and settle right back in to make it ours again. Not long now. Counting down the days.

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