The Daily Sunset

In Solitude

Yesterday, I went to Maria’s Beach ALL BY MYSELf to watch the sun go down on another day in Rincon. B “sends” me down alone sometimes, when I’m due for some solitude, or the kids seem too exhausted to do another thing, or we are too tired to deal with bringing them back home covered in sand and soaking wet – as they always are after the beach, no matter what they were wearing or what time of day it is – and wash the sand off with the cold water hose outside, then wait the 15 minutes (island time), for the shower to heat up, then mildly oversee them getting mostly clean and dressed, and then watch them (heartbreakingly) slop food and sauce all over their clean clothes and bodies during dinner. Pfew, it can feel like a lot. So, I go alone.

When I am down by myself, in the quiet, with the sound of the waves and no one talking to me, I often just sit and gaze mindlessly at the ocean, thinking nothing except, “Are You My Mother?”. Trance-like, the words to that P.D. Eastman children’s book run like a ticker through my head while I stare out to sea.

Yesterday, I brought my book, and tried to read it, but was too entranced by my mother, er, the waves.

Going alone is not as rich an experience as going with the kids, who see everything with new eyes, or going with B, who shares in my dumbfounded wonder that we get to watch something so beautiful for free – but it is still glorious.

And peaceful. I hope you enjoy.

P. S. There is a big surf competition coming up, the Corona Pro Tour (ironic name considering the other Corona thing going on), which starts here at Domes Beach tomorrow. Playa Domes is right between my fav, Maria’s Beach, and the Lighthouse. A bazillion people are in town for it, with surfers EVERYWHERE. We’ve heard from the locals that the whole town shuts down a little during the contest. Ironically, there was a storm a few days ago that made the surf gigantic – and the surfers were out in droves practicing – but now that the contest is about to start, we’ve got the regular chill waves back – of course. I’ll keep you posted!

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