Your Rincón Dream Home Fantasy

For 300k or Less

Everyone keep saying, rightly, how beautiful and paradise-like this place is. Everyone keeps joking about moving here. Everyone keeps threatening to sell everything and pack their bags for pretty little Rincón. Whether you, too (hi mom!), are fantasizing about living on this temperate, lush, tropical island, or you just like to day-dream about what it might look like to live somewhere else (one of my favorite time-wasters) – this post is for you!

Hubs and I have walked and driven around our little area of Puntas, in Rincon, for several weeks and been intrigued by the for sale signs. After looking into the cost of property, I’m impressed at what you can get here for Austin suburb prices. Now, don’t get me wrong, $300k is A LOT of money, but it’s a fun fantasy to think about selling your Austin life and trading it in for a new island lifestyle.

Scroll through to see some of the many options in Puntas. (I stuck with Puntas because everything is groovy and walkable and safe here, and there is no tsunami threat because we’re on a hill – and y’all know I’m neurotic about tsunamis.) House Hunters, here we come!

For $225,000 – This little place, right here on The Road to Happiness, is a gem! It’s a 2/1 upstairs and a completely separate 1/1 downstairs. Walking distance to restaurants, bars, surf shops, and the beach for a whopping $225,000!

You could Airbnb the downstairs or upstairs, and live that laid back beach life. Contact J-Lo for details. Here’s the link.

For $189,000 – Another option off of the Road to Happiness. The price shows that this place is dated and needs some love, but again – so close to all the lovely that Puntas has to offer, and less than $200k. Walk to restaurants, bars, beaches, food trucks, surfing, surf shops, a couple of corner stores, and even a smoke shop. Puntas has it all, and this place is priced to sell:

Again, J-Lo’s your girl. Here’s the listing link.

For $305,000 – This little gem is listed at $305k, but I bet you could get it for under 300k. It’s on our street, “Bummer Hill” (yes, that is what everyone calls it – which says a lot about both the hill, and the folks around here who named it). This house is a 2/1.5 on the top floor and a separate 2/1 downstairs, so it has a built in rental house for you! Super cute and a 10 minute walk to everything except the grocery store, (which you will need to drive/get a ride to from every property in this post).

I won’t say her name, but you know who to call, and here is the listing.

For $300,000 – This one is so much fun. You can buy a house, with an ocean view, a rental property underneath it, and a yoga retreat in the backyard. All of it. Together. It comes out to be 5 bedrooms/6 bathrooms. Check it out:

I really wish someone I know wanted and could afford this place! I just think it’s so dang groovy, and has so much potential. Here is the direct link, call your girl.

For $270,000 – What is J-Lo NOT selling, you ask? Well, this little number right here, down the street from us on Bummer Hill. A happy little 3/1, close to all the things – furniture included (and you know you want it)!

This one is at Island West Properties, you can find the direct link here.

For $160,000 – Last one, I promise. A 3/1 for $160k near all the stuff! Enough said?

Here is the listing link.

Speaking of links, these are probably all going to be bogus within a few weeks – once the houses sell, but the pictures and information will still be here, and since this is mostly a fantasy, who cares if the links work, right?

Speaking of fantasies – we heard from our neighbors that the owner of Calypso Cafe and Tropical Bar (near my favorite sunset beach) is selling and moving back to the states. She is selling her car, her house, and her bar/restaurant – so, if you want to come here and buy an entire life and go into the restaurant biz – there you go, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the dreaming!


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