The Daily Sunset

I’m hoping to do a repeating post about the stunning sunsets here. Always different, always humbling and beautiful . . .

Tonight, we were at home and the kids were pestering and arguing with each other and the whining was hitting a crescendo. It had been a long day at school with lots of new stuff – a first field trip, first time on a horse, holding a baby chick, etc. I wondered if they they were too tired to take out in public? Usually, even when they’re grumps at home, the beach and the ocean wash the grumpus right out, so I figured we’d give it a shot. I needed the ocean and the sand and I crossed my fingers that it would work for us all, and it did. Like beautiful magic.

We started with sand tunnels and a search for cool shells because the tide was lower than I’ve ever seen it at this beach.

We graduated to rock towers, and –

Sea glass! Our daughter collected some beautiful and tiny sea glass – and some shards of glass with rounded edges that I wouldn’t quite consider sea glass, but the beer bottle shard was her favorite.

The sun and the clouds showed up to give us a show, with Desecheo Island peeking out. About this time, a tiny crab was discovered:

An incredibly camouflaged crab who had caught his/her dinner by waiting for a wave to wash it up and snatching it before it realized he/she was not just a pile of sand. What a delight to see!

And going, going, gone. An hour and a half later, we were all a little more peaceful, patient and kind. I hardly heard a peep of arguing the whole time we were there – bliss. No better way to close the day.

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