Castles Made of Sand

Sunsets and Sandcastles

The kids have had the opportunity to make some perfectly creative sandcastles here, and we have enjoyed every single one in the last two weeks. It’s incredible to live somewhere where this is your playground, and there is no better backdrop for a temporary masterpiece than the Caribbean ocean and a beautiful sunset. Here are some of my favorite sandy art pieces and sunsets:

Our two favorite beaches to go to with the kids so far are the ones at the end of our road – I call it Calypso Beach, because it’s by the Calypso Bar, but I don’t think it has a name (UPDATE, I’m completely wrong about this. The beach has a name – Maria’s Beach and everyone knew it but me) – and our newly discovered Marina Beach (not to be confused with Maria’s Beach). Both have great sand and surf, and little bar/restaurant nearby that you can get a rum punch or a late afternoon snack for the kids, a great beach and dynamite sunsets.

Calypso Beach is a little more peaceful and private, and has the coveted (by W) tree swing. I think it has better sunsets, and a better sunset vibe. There are never many people there, it’s a great place to listen to the waves and watch the experienced surfers, and it’s closer to our house.

Marina Beach has more kids, a great swimming beach with calm water, a “spring break” kind of vibe during the day, and the best little open air beach restaurant with $3.75 rum punch and delightful fish bites. And a pretty nice sunset.

I love them both. No sass or frills needed, just earth and sky. Perfect for building castles in the sand.

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