Quirky Puerto Rico

From the Eyes of a Texan

This place is so fun, and funny, and different (to me). As I type, right now, this is going on:

  • There are a bunch of happy-looking chickens doing a chicken noise thing in the house 2 down. They have a super cute coop, complete with a child-size playhouse to cluck around in.
  • There is a rooster down the hill “rawo-oo-oow-eeew!”-ing at the chickens, or at some other roosters somewhere. He calls, some other roosters unseen, answer, and on and on. They are like the town criers.
  • The kids are playing nicely on the floor, and not fighting or arguing. I hear their little make believe dinosaur/dragon game, “Wrap the kids up! Wrap them up. Danger is coming”. (hmmm?)

There are lots of noises here, and the noises are quirks, but there are more.

  1. The beers are tiny. Little 10 oz. cans of the Puerto Rican brews. It’s adorable. And hilarious. B and I joke that this will make it easy to lose a few pounds. The Medalla is my fav:
  1. The frigging roosters, as mentioned above, almost never shut the fuck up. It’s cute. Kind-of. I guess I’ll get used to it, in any case . . .
  2. The roads are so damn narrow. Like, you think there is no way this road is meant for 2 cars to pass – but then you and the car coming at you play chicken to see how close you can get to one another as you pass without each going off the passenger side of the road. And when the passenger side is a cliff, you lose 6 months of your life each time. d
  3. The “Beep” around a corner. We live on a corner, and (probably due to the narrow roads and the fact that you can’t see around a corner), some people honk as they approach the corner. It can be anything from a “beep”, to a “Honk, HONK!”, depending on the vehicle. So, we get to hear a lot of people honk themselves around our corner. It’s irritating, but understandable, right? We even adopted it yesterday around some of the blind hairpins on the way to the waterfall. Beep, beep!
  4. The coquí. Coqui are teeny little frogs that sing all night. For such a mini little thing – they sure are loud. They compete with the roosters, and sing “Co-KEY? Co-KEY?” all through the night. Theirs is a sweeter sound than the roosters (the “key” part of co-key ends in a lilt and sounds like they’re asking a question (yes, coqui), whereas the roosters are ALERTING you to something very important and possibly DANGEROUS!). Here is a little coquí:

We haven’t been able to find any ourselves, but we hear them. I’m sure in time, R will venture out to catch one.

5. The red streetlights. I don’t know if this is a thing all over PR, or mostly in Rincon or the west, but the streetlights are red here. Oooooh! At first, it’s a little strange looking. I guess the idea is that red light is less shocking on the eyes at night, and does not over-illuminate the dark night sky. I think I like it. See for yourself:

I’m sure there will be additions to this list, but these are my tops for now. Happy trails!

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