Gozalandia Waterfall

A Slice of Magic Outside San Sebastian

We took the hour-ish drive over to San Sebastian to the Gozalandia Waterfalls today, and it was well worth it.

When we got to the lower waterfall, it was 11 am on a Saturday, and there was no one there. Ten minutes later, there were at least 10 other people, and they just kept coming, but it never felt crowded.

The younger adults were having a great time jumping off random levels of the falls. The little kids tried hard to catch the tiny fish zipping around the shallows, and then spent the next hour pretending to be wild animals; alternately jumping across the rocks and laying on them to dry like lazy cheetahs.

R fell about 17 times, and gave me 3 mini-heart attacks just watching him, but in true Rio style, he just kept getting up like nothing even happened, and kept jumping. At one point, he dragged me downstream to watch a leaf he had thrown in up high, wanting to see it down the creek. Trying to keep up with him, I stepped in a slippery patch; my feet went up and my back smacked down. Ouch. I’m fine, but I’m going to be sore tomorrow, and I re-I remembered a valuable lesson: don’t follow R (he’s almost always headed for danger).

Thankfully, no one was truly hurt during our adventure, and we got to experience nature at its lovliest. See for yourself.

The water was chilly, but not Barton Springs cold. The perfect temperature for a hot day in the jungle.

From the lower falls, it is about a 12 minute trek up a concrete pathway with steps to the upper waterfall, with lots of spots in between to hop off the path and lounge in a pool as the river meanders downstream. The upper fall was just as lovely as the lower, but smaller and shallower, with less opportunity for jumping into it.

A couple takeaways:

1. You should definitely come here and go to Gozalandia Falls. Because:

2. When you’re on your way, cuidado the roads! They are narrow as crap (like all the side roads in Puerto Rico), and really only fit one car comfortably, but you have to pass two cars, and it feels like playing chicken. Be an assertive driver, don’t look away from the road, and stay in your tiny lane on these skinny, windy streets (even if it means the passenger side tire is barely on the pavement).

3. The concrete steps down to the falls are STEEP, and as you get toward the falls, they are a little slippery. The railing is almost always there to hold onto, but it is missing in places. Just take it slow and steady, and you’ll be fine. (Try telling that to R.)

Steep steps down to the lower falls.

Not far from Rincon, and worth the trip! (For real, I was grumpy and irritated when we got there and the place shot the grumps right out of me!)

In the words of W: Do it!

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