Yes, we’re still going! Yes, we leave tomorrow! For real.

We got renters. No, really. It’s (drumroll . . .): Couple C! They showed up early for their 5:30 appointment 2 days ago and wanted it and put the deposit down this morning. All we have left is a couple of signatures, and we’re good to go. Not counting my chickens here, am I?

There was a 5.0 earthquake in southern Puerto Rico (same area they have been in for months) about an hour ago. It was felt in Rincón (one of the first quakes to actually be felt so far west). People in Rincón are saying they heard a loud noise and the floor started rumbling.

So, that’s what we have to look forward to! Oh well, later suckers!

With all the love in Texas.

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  1. Wow!! I’m so impressed and super jealous too! Thanks so much for including us. Looking forward to more updates from you crazy kids!


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