3 Days Till Puerto Rico

Er, Take Two


  1. More people coming to see the house today (allegedly). We have gone through a couple more potential renters since I last posted.
    • Couple A: Over the moon about the house. Wanted it TODAY. Wanted to pay 3 months up front just to hold it. Got the application from our realtor – and then we heard nothing. We checked back in with them. Their realtor says they don’t have any felonies, but may have some credit issues that make them reluctant to apply . . . Still waiting to see if they decide it’s worth the shot.
    • Couple B: Older couple from Canada. Wife has cancer :-(. She is getting treatment in Austin for the next 6 months or so. Their kids are grown. They have no pets. They loved the house, but decided against it because it’s a bit far from Austin (and wife’s sometimes daily appointments), AND because the husband needed a king-sized bed. The queen bed was a dealbreaker. I wanted to cry and beg and tell them I’d buy them a bed. I’m getting desperate and a calm older couple with no mess-makers (kids/pets), sounded pretty stinking awesome!
    • Couple C: Moving to ATX from Florida. They are both “social influencers” as a job. He writes messages to my realtor, which seem very rushed (like, he’ll say, “I’ll be there on August 7th,” and mean to say January 7th. Oops.) He has had two appointments to see the house since he has been in town and rescheduled them both a few hours before the showing. They each completed their applications (separately) and have no criminal records, but some late payments in their credit history. She has a dog, and probably lets it sleep in the bed, which is not my thing. He has a dog that he says he may or may not decide to bring. Things are a bit all over with them, which gives me pause . . . He is supposedly coming today “around” 5:30. We shall see.

Y’all, this house renting thing is a pain in the ass. Couple C is a pain in the ass because it takes a LOT of work to get a house ready to show when you’ve got a 4 yo who lives here all the time, and a 5 yo who gets home at 3 everyday and guess what kids like to do? Play. And we all know what it means to have kids playing – a big freaking mess! Forts, broken crayons, cut up pieces of paper, tape, couch cushions thrown everywhere, crumbs, crumbs, crumbs, spilled drinks, scattered toys, dirty clothes – you get the idea. So, to have to clean that shit up and spottless-ize the house every time someone has an appointment is a pain in the ass. And these people have made me do it TWICE, for nothing (only to watch it get destroyed again in about 90 minutes by my two kids). Couple C is not my fave. It’s not really their fault, it’s my messy perfect monsters’ fault, but it’s still irritating AF. Let’s see if they show up today.

2. In better news – if you were keeping track (we have been), you’d see that only 11 of the last 56 earthquakes on the planet in the last 24 hours have been in Puerto Rico, and they’ve all been small-ish. Yay!

So, everything else is a go! Cross your fingers that Couple C is a no show, and Couple B has a change of heart, ASAP. 😉

Puerto Rico Earthquake Map

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