New D Date

Take 2: We bought our tickets to Rincón! Flying out January 26th now. This time, I paid extra for the flex fare (so that we can change the flight without penalty fees), just in case. Live and learn.

We still don’t have renters. Jim finally messaged our realtor saying that they wanted a bigger place, and that they weren’t sure their remodel would be done in 6 months and didn’t want to be stuck finding another place for the last few months of the remodel. The other people who said they were “definitely” in and requested an application have disappeared in a puff of smoke after learning that the rent criterion is good credit and no felonies. This home listing thing aint for the fainthearted.

W is back at school, happy girl, and R is stuck with me during the day for two more weeks. It’s a lovely day in Austin – 76 and sticky, but Rincón is calling. Cross your fingers for a good, reliable, sensible renter!

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