Last Day in Texas

This is supposed to be our last day in Texas for six months. We were scheduled to fly out of AUS tonight at 5:55 pm, headed for Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. But that is not to be. Yesterday, after yet another large 5.9/6.0 earthquake, we canceled our flight.

It is very strange to spend months readying your life, your home, your children, and your mind for a new life – and then cancel the whole thing at the last minute. The plan is officially cancelled on paper, but we are still mentally floating around between Austin and Rincon. Neither here, nor there.

To backtrack, this was all made possible by the fact that the reality TV show decided that our house was too far from Austin, so they passed. Then, we contacted the renters who were 100% ready to move in ASAP and let them know that the place was theirs! Yay, they said! Wonderful news. Days went by during which time our realtor was back and fourth with them about details of the contract she was working on. They were not very responsive. Then, all of the sudden, came a text from Jim (the husband renter) to the effect of, “when they told us we were second choice to a TV show, we went out and looked for other places, and are now trying to get one of those. If we don’t get it, we’ll let you know by Saturday night.” O . . . K. . . (insert middle finger).

That was Friday night – two days before departure. Our realtor said she had another inquiry and people who wanted to come see the place Saturday morning, so we scheduled that. Meanwhile, B and I had decided if there was another big quake, we would postpone our trip. Saturday morning, we woke up to the news that a 6.0 had hit during the early morning hours. Ugh.

So, we put into motion cancelling our flight, our motel the first night, the Airbnb, and the rental car. We had been staying at my inlaws the last 2 nights so as to keep our house spotless and ready for the renters, and we decided to go home, since we had no renters and were not leaving the following day. It was a shitty, emotionally wrought day. What to do about W’s school? How long will we wait to see if the ground stops shaking in PR? Should we just shuck this whole mad plan and stay here?

Far too many unknowns, but life moves on. The new people came to see the house on Saturday (yesterday), and fell in love. They want it, they say. They asked our realtor for the application and are (supposedly) in the process of filling it out. (I’m a bit jaded from the last people, so we shall see). B told them that we were delaying a week or two. They evidently don’t care. We did not hear back from Jim on Saturday night, so I’m assuming they got their other place. And there we are.

Maybe we’ll get renters. In which case, we’ll go somewhere for six months. Maybe it will be Rincon. Maybe Puerto Rico won’t stop shaking and we’ll have to find another temporary home. Maybe we won’t get renters, and we won’t go anywhere at all?

I’ll keep you posted.

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