5 Days To Go For Puerto Rico

Earthquakes, Blackouts, and Renters

There have been over 30 earthquakes in Puerto Rico in the past 24 hours. The largest was this morning, a 6.4, which damaged buildings, homes, roads, historical sites, induced a tsunami alarm which sent people scurrying into the hills and blocking the roads, and killed one man (that we know of so far). The second largest was yesterday, a 5.8 magnitude, which also caused damage to property and fear among residents. These earthquakes were the most recent in a string of quakes that have been occurring daily since December 28th, when there was a 4.8 and 5.0 in the same day. And they have kept coming.

Where does that leave us? Waiting and watching, I suppose. We have not changed our plans, but we have informed ourselves about protecting ourselves during an earthquake, acknowledged that we need to teach the children earth protocols, and make sure that we have an emergency backpack ready if the worst happens. Of course, we’ll be lucky to be together and get to the backpack safely if all hell breaks loose. The anxiety in my gut as I type this is causing a slight shake in my typing fingers. On my agenda today is to go to the storage unit and dig through boxes until I find our portable water purification kit, and figure out a way to get that packed. In my carryon if necessary. As of now, we’re still going on schedule, unless the blackout is not remedied by the departure day (which I don’t anticipate), or unless this seismic activity continues or escalates.

I other news, we have potential renters who love our house, who B loved upon meeting, and who are financially overqualified to live here and have passed all the application criterion. They need a place to stay while they remodel their home. They want to move in the day after we (are supposed to) leave, and they can’t wait. This is incredible news! We are thrilled. There is just one bizarre catch: there is also a production company coming to look at the house tomorrow as the potential site and set for a reality TV show. They would film here 2-3 days per week, but need 24/7 access. Their monthly location budget is more than we were asking for rent. They would begin prepping the “set” in February, and film through June 2020. This is an unbelievable prospect!

We are having to ask our amazing potential renter family to wait till the end of the week, once we hear the likely news that the production company passes on our place, to solidify the rental agreement. If the production company chooses us, well, that would be another story.

2020 is starting off a bit more excitingly than I could have imagined. A bit too much excitement, perhaps. I have hope that the Caribbean Plate and the North American Plate can quit their shit, and stop trying to squish Puerto Rico between them. It feels like a bit of a metaphor, eh? The plates are not the only thing that could take a dose of chill (NOT going to mention Iran). Between B’s anxiety about that threat, and my anxiety about this one, I am so grateful that the house situation may be settled. Renters, for the win!

Calmate 2020, we’ve a ways to go yet!

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