At Home

Hi y’all. I’m a mom, wife, Baha’i and human striving for more humanity, grace and unity in my everyday life. My super-dream is to finish my historical fiction novel, land an agent and get published, then write another novel and do it all again. On the long road to that end, I am doing my best to be a decent human being, mother, wife, citizen of the earth, and steward of this beautiful planet.

On this site, you’ll find some old blog post adventures of when my family and I moved to Puerto Rico, along with random thoughts on sobriety, life with kids and (coming soon) my path to learning the craft of writing.

Feel free to follow me on twitter, where I keep the posts light and positive, and stick to the subjects of writing & life’s interesting moments.

Scroll through all the posts for a peek into the past. I love comments, if you’re feeling inspired, and if you are kind.

xxoo (with consent, of course),


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